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of checking and recheck iing doesn't seem to be an obligation anymore. >> eric:so fast, we'reut o of time. liz, thank yo >> thank you. >> eric: good to see you. ami'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us today. the news continues in washington. have a great day. >> shannon: jailed hikers. iran changing its mind again and now says it's willing to free one of three american hikers imprisoned for more than a year. but it will come at a cost. tax cuts, the top republican in the house says he will support extension of tr cuts for americans en if tax cuts for the wealthy are allowed to expire. california explosion and the investigators are combing through the rubble from the massive explosion that ripped through suburban san francisco searching for survivors and clues as to bream.ppened america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts now. one day after calling off the release at the last minute,
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iran says it will free one of three jailed hikers from america. sarah shourd has been held y for more than aear on accusation o spyiilng. they say they will release her on bail because of health problems but it comes at a heavy price. >> the dossier of all three defendants will be sent to the court and regarding the female defendant miss shourd because she is sick and we can help her health condition, therefore the relevant judge agreed to convert detention to $500,000 bail. as soon as the bail is deposited she can be released but the dossier will be sent to court for tria >> shourd's lawyer told the "associated press" he met with her and also shane bauer and josh fattal today and says t hey' all doing fine. he said he hopes that shourd will be freed in the next two or three days. former u.s. ambassador to t u.n. tells fox that shourd's release is part of the effort for iran president to position himself as
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comparative moderate. >> i think the release ide was prelude to ahmadinejad coming to new york the week of the 20th. it was intended to show that he's a more reasonable persopl than some people tnk and to give him a propaganda boost as he comes to address the onu.n. assembly. >> shannon: we'll continue to monitor the situation. secretary of state hillary clinton leaves tomorrow for her trip t the mideast. mrs. clinton will meet with palestinian president mahud abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in yet another effort to keep peace talks on track. leeland has the very latest. hi, leland. >> hi, shannon. it's a bad sign when everybody is arguing about what order they will talk about the issues. palestinians say they want to talk about the border of the future state. israelis say they need to talk to security and underscore how important security is. in the past half an hour we are getting reports from the gaza strip at ast two
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palestinian palestinians have been killed and three wounded in israeli shl. that may have come in retaliation for five qassam rockets fired by militants in the gaza strip in israel. over the weekend, p israeli jets pounded hamas stronghold in the gaza strip in retaliation for other rocket attacks. this is the violence we saw leading up to talks a couple of weeks ago ago in washington. for hamas, they said we will continue the violence as they try to derail the peace process. encouraging news on the front pa estinians andh israeli seem to deal with attack sepately from the peace talks themselves. today, prime minister netanyahu met with his cabinet and laid out his negotiating position. he said he wants palestinians to recognize israel as a jewish state. so far, the palestinians have refus refused. it seems that both sides are starting again to play thing in the press as they jockey
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for position. historically, this has been a badsign. hardliners from the both government toss out the very volatile comments. that is what is discussed at the negotiating table. everybody sits down on tuesday in giant. a day of meetings there. everybody, includingy secretary clinton comes to jerusalem for as. day of talks. that's where the rubber will meet the road. keep in mind, israelis and the palestinians made demands and instead these are deal eakers tt the other side say we'll never agree to. >> shannon: a tough problem to solve. thank you very much. live from jerusalem. >> clinton says that this could be the last chance for peace between the two countries so what are the chances it will work? great to see you today. we heard what leland laid out saying both sides are coming to the table with things that they say are notth negotiable
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and the other side saying i'll never give it up. what are the chances they can reach substantial common ground? >> this isio the definition of principle since the '90s when they agreed, both sides that the palestinian and israel will recognize each oth at some point. settle the issue. the three major issues are obviously jerusalem, with all the symbolism and the real issues are the demographic of israel, where can it build or grow? and democrats of the palestinians to what point ines israel and palestine refugees can come back. it'sc a very difficult situation, because not of the two sides, a third side. shama is the one that will say yes or no for this process to move forward. >> shannon: talk about hamas. they won't get involved in the negotiation. opposed to the statehood, nationhood there. even if the two sides did come to some agreement. >> they can do a lot of things.
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they are backed by syria, and hezbollah. they've shown several times for the mid-90s and throughout 20 years when israel and the palestinians and fat 'dre was complicated an difficult but certainly under mahmoud abbas they can in the middle of the process and first threaten the other palestinians. take over as they did in 2007. fire rockets through israel and bring tm in the fight and collapse of the negotiation. >> shannon: let's talk about deadline coming up, moratorium to build jewish settlement in the west bank. pressure for prime minister to extend the moratorium. do you think he will? if he doesal this talking fall apart? >> the israeli government kns they want us to extend it on behalf of washington. on the other hand, washington knows that thexp are
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expiration dates for that. the israelis will say we will stop and freeze, but the other side is not stopping or freezing their demand of the refugees. so at some point in time, secretary clinton or administration must give a deadline for both sides. that's what clinton has in mind today. >> shannon: while we have you here ask about another topic as well with iran and three hikers held for a year now. we heard that sarah shourd would be released and then she wasn't released and now hefty bail. what is your take on the situation? >> this is not new. this is core of the iranian policy for 30 years. remember how the republic of iran has begun. the ally in hezbollah has one years of the hostage crisis. did it with the americans and french now they useag these hostages as a system to defend their regime. if we want to put more pressure they will send messages to the american public and international hostages are e
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there. that is to watch the regime. >> shannon: thank you for coming in. president obama's new point man onhe the economy says the u.s. cannot afford to extent tax cut for top earners. now republican leader they concede the point to benefit the mide class. julie kirtz has more on austan goolsbee first sunday appearance. >> john boehner the house republican leader is sounding ngday for the first time like he sees opening for negotiation on tax cut with theous. bless than two months before the mid-term boehner says he is willing to talk about tax cut compromise and willing to vote for a bill to phase out the bush tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. heres is boehner this morning. >> if the only option i have is vote for those with 250 or below, of course i'll do
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that. 'll do everything i can to fight to make sure we extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> ehner seemed to second what president obama said this week, extending tax cuts for middle class americans should be srting point forte debate on tax cuts. today, austan goolsbee said well-off americans don't need a tax break but middle class americans do. >> the president believes you cannot after a decade of astounding squeeze on the middle class, followed by the worst recession in our life stoppage time since 1929, we cannot afford to raise taxes on the middle class. we should make that permanent. >> also on fox news sunday asked about the recovery summer that never was, goolsbee said americans can expect to see a high unemployment rate continue for some time.
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now at 9.6%. said he didn't know what the rate would be at the end of the year. >> shannon: julie kirtz with the latest. thk you, julie. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: a fox news alert. federal and state investigators say the natural gas pipeline that exploded to a deadly fireball near san francisco last week had been categorized ask. high-risk. homes were se off-limits will get a chance home today. news conference wrapped up and claudiaas cowenbe has the latest. hi, claudia. >> hi, shannon. a rather confung press conference because there are conflicting numbers regding the number of peoe who perish and remain missing following thursday's deadly pipeline exexplosion. officials saying that the death toll stands at four. erght, more remains were found. it's not clear how many or even whether remains are human. the county coroner says forensic testing is being
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done and we should kno more about the death report today. the last number thawere unaccounted for is at five. but it could change throughout the day. some residents learned they will be able to return h to their homes that are safe to occupy starting this afternoon. but what a different neighborhood it is now. homes in rubble, melted cars in driveways, total devastation. officials say theyombed through nearly all the blast sites and will continue their work today, mindful that the area is a crime scene. after seeing the damage firsthand, barbara boxer promised federal assistance >> it's a heartbreaker. when you see the huge piece of pipeline that just blew away from the rest of the pipeline just sitting there all charred. huge.
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some of the pip laid in the '50s. it raises questions. id the national transportation safety board said a final report on the cause of thursday's explosion may note completed until the end of next year. investigators continue to focus on the pipe that senator boxer mention which had caused a huge crater when it exploded. the pipe was laid in 1956 years before the neighborhood was laid on top of it. now a state regulator says the section of pipe was ranked high risk because of the proximity to so many homes. investigators say the size of theter tells them a lot. >> in this, this emphasizes the magnitude of what occurred here. crater in the stree is 167 feet long by 26 feet wide. the depth is unknown because the soil is unstable at the
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bottom of the crater. >> the local power company pacific gas and electric says continues to follow up on complaints made by number of residents here that the smelled natural gas in the area prioro thursday explosion. pg&e is happening out $1,000 gift cards to people displaced by the disaster. back to you. >> shannon: all right. thank you for giving us the lates latest. hurricane igar is picking up strength across the atlantic and has been upgraded to category two. rick reichmuth has more from the weather center. >> strengtheningte quickly. the center of the storm you can see clearly. rinds at 105 miles per hour. it will get stronger than that quickly. this brings up to cat three
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or four later today. i think the 5:00 advisory we might see itet to major hurricane status. at that point it will continue to pull up toward the west/northwest. hopefully missing the northern islands. as they were hit by danielle and earl. now we watch it pull to the north. it will skip the east coast and long before it gets to us but people in bermuda may deal with this. there will be changes and we'll watch it closely. plenty ofime to do so. other things we're watching, one right here. this is tropical depression 12. likelyater on today this is going to be julia. a next wave off the coast of africa. in the caribbean, watching a flare-up here that could develop a little bits it pulls west. even if it doesn't we'll see significant rain across haiti. after the earthquake, any rain could be devaating.
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the biggest is igor and that could be another major hurricane for us? we'll check back with you. thank yo rick. >> you bet. >> shannon: deadly doue decker bus accident may have been caused by a wrong turn. driver m have taken wrong exit off a h ighway in upstate new york. the megabus planned in the bottom of a railroad bridge and killed four passengers. the driver and four other passengers are still in the hospital. could your investment dollars fund terrorists? there is a companyut there making sure it doesn't happen to your dollars. talk to ceo next. scandal ridden tea party favorite christine o'donnell landed two key endorsements against mike castle. we'll out that race and the biggies ahead of tuesday's primary. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever
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>> shannon: most americans hatve no idea that their investment dollars could funnel money to countries on state sponsor of terror list. arizona financial term has taken a terror free pledge to promise money won't go to companies of businesses with
12:20 pm
links to terrorism. da're joined now by mark. great to see you today. >> good morning. thank you for having me. tu i appreciate the opportunity to talk this topic. >> how did you come up with a terror free investment fund? >> i have been financial advisor for 25 years. i wasn't aware tt companies were doing business. i thought it was inlleg to do business in countries that sponsor terrorism. four years ago i attended symposium and learned that that is not the case. the companies all over the world, supply vital technology and equipment, capital. thos on the state list of sponsor of terrorism and i was .shocked. it had no idea. >> shannon: do you think the
12:21 pm
average american has any idea they're investing in things that sound above board and neutral that the dollars could be used for terrism? >> no. part of what we do is provide a solution and we educate people as to what is going on. most people have no idea and they thinkt' i illegal. they areng angry and frustrated when they find out it's going on.e >> shannon: it's your hope as folks have don with the environment and going green and create accounts that hp environmental interest, it's your goal toch bri about change and create pressure through ung money. tell us about that. >> you mention the green movement. like in the '80s, t american investors mobilized and put pressure, holding rporate america and corporations throughout the world accountable for tir actions.
12:22 pm
i believe we can't necessarily wait for the government to do it or the united nations to do it. americans has so much financial strength in the world. we're still the strongest -- st country in the world financially. if we mobilize people and put pressure on people to stop doing state sponsor of terrorism, they will stop. the important thing is we are putting control, we're givingor investors the opportunity to participate in the financial war on terror. >> >> shannon: you will open a lot of eyes today. investors asking questions after seeing this segment. thank you. >> thank you. shannon: aircraft flying over houston prompted curiosity and concern from a number of texans given that last night marked the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. folks got concerned about a aircraft and alerted the local media. the f.a.a. confirms the plane
12:23 pm
was just nasa test aircraft. supped to be out there taking air samples. another big gathering in washington, two weeks of glenn beck restoring honor rally. this time it is political. 9.12 live to the project rally to hear what organizers want voters to remember in november. it was the first sunday show interview since taking the hot seat on the white house economic team. austan goolsbee has tughts on what we're in store for.e we get a me view from chris wallace -- we get areview from chris wallace next.
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>> shannon: th have been held captive for more than a year. iran now says it will release one of the u.s. hikers accused of being a spy. julie kirtz is standing by with more on tha and other top stories. >> the iraan lawyer for sarah shourd says he has met with her and two other americans being detained and it's hopeful she will leave prison in the next two or three days.
12:28 pm
he told the "associated press" the swiss embassy inner the ran is making arrangements for the $500,000 bail asked for sarah shourd investigators say part of a natural pipeline that exploded thursday near san francisco previously had been categorized as high-risk because it ran through a densely populated area. four people were killed and 60 injured in that explosion. hurricane igor is getting strength over the atlantic ocean and has been upgraded to a category two storm. the maximum sustained0 winds of 100 miles per hour by tomorrow night but p igor doesn't pose an immediate threat to land. los angeles photographer has reportedly filed a lawsuit aagnsort former seinfeld actor michael richards claiming the actor assaulted him last month. brendan o'neil alleges that richards knocked him to the groundnd suing for unspecified damages, medical expenses and suffering. those are some of the top rasties now. >> shannon: paparazzi a challenge as you know, lie. thanks.
12:29 pm
well, on this day last year, grassroots activists flooded washington, d.c. to not test wasteful government -- protest wasteful government spending. they're back for the second year in a row and steve centanni is live to bring us more. what is going on? >> several thousand people gatd hered in front of the united states capitol. we are on the west front of the capitol where the inauguration takes place every four years. the stage is set. speakers will appear later, including mike pence of indiana, the virginia attorney general thater has been very controversial. the people not speaking are any member of congress who voted for the giant stimulus package. all these people here are for less government spending for aller government in general. you see there are quite a few of em. look at the march underway at pennsylvania avenue if we ha that video. thousands of people marching from the washington monument where they had a prayer rvice earlier to the capitol steps where they expect to hear the speeches and speakers. the whole message of this
12:30 pm
event is a very political one; whereas, glenn beck came and it was somewhat of a solemn affair on the national mall aouple of weeks ago. this one is very political in advance of the elections. one of the organizers dick army says it's to send meage to incumbent candidates. re is what he had to say. let's slisten. >> it's a choice between smal government conservatives or big government liberals. big spenders versus people responsible with the taxpayers money. >> the slogan o the march here today is remember november. so they want people when they go in to the voting box in november to remember what has happened in the past inof germs of big government spending. big government programs that they d't approve of. and as one sign here says they want to throw the bums out! so that is the sentiment here on the west front of the u.s. capitol as we have a tea party organized. freedom works rally here today. back to you, shannon. l>> shannon: thank you very much for the live update on the scene ther
12:31 pm
one of the speakers of the rally that steve mentioned virginia attorney general ken ucuchinelli. he will join us live i studio before heading to the rally and maybe give a sneak peekf what he will say to the crowds gathering. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: on tuesday, voters in seven states and the district of columbia will head to the polls for the last major primary before the election on november 2. hereow with his analysis and predictions on some of the key races is sean, senior electi analyst for real clear politics. great to see youagain. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: you're staying busy this fall. a lot of races to look at. start right away in delaware. so much going on in the g.o.p. primary hetre. we have christine o'donnell, interesting figure there, who a lot of thte g.o.p. establishment has come can tt againsther. some form toer staffers made allegations against her. she had to fht back against the lot. but huge endorsements from n.r.a. and sarah palin. what is going on in delaware? >> mike castle, g.o.p. congressman and former
12:32 pm
governor of the state. he is pretty moderate. so there is a feeling among republican party that elting these republicans in name only hurts party in long run and they are better off backing the true conservative n their view like o'donnell. >> shannon: right now, the latest polling from your site. a pretty big spread, almost 30 points in favor of congressman castle. so we will wat to see how plays out on tuesday. how does it match up in the fall? >> castle is doing prett well against the assemblyman chris coons. but the problem is he'd under 50%. you would expect a ten-term congressman t do better. on the other hand, o'donnell gets crushed b coons and it looks like if she were the om nominee we'd see something like we typically see in delaware, 60-40% republican/democrat spread. >>hannon: at's what her opponents say she won't do well in fall. we'll watch that battle on
12:33 pm
tuesday. talk about new mpshire. that's senator judd greg seat opening up there. heseveral people in the republican senate mare there. kelly ayot seems to lead the pack. >> the former attorney general of the state. she is doing well in the polls. s lamantain has shown surgen recent days but probably not enough undecided f him to pull off the upset at this point in a four-way race. > shannon: you see her looking good on tuesday? >> i think so. > shannon: a little out of new york. not much polling but charles rangel facing ethics charges in washington. lo looking forward to trial by the house on ethics charges but this is interesting. he got a challenge from adam clayton powell iv whose father was pushed out by rangel in the '70s. any possibility he pulls out the upset? >> it's possible. low turn-out primary. no one thought rangel would beat his father and powell
12:34 pm
junior in 1970. so it would be a shock but not a huge shock if rangel were to lose. >> shannon: all right. keep an eye on that. wisconsin, the republican senate primary there doesn't look close at all but give u s a breakdn. >> ron johnson is a plastics manucturer who has come out of nowhere to become the g.o.p. front runner. drawn rave dreviews. an opponent in dave westlake but it looks like johnson will win easily. >> shannon: if he does hest faces off against russ feingold in the poll and that looks tight at this point. >> shannon: yeah, he is under 50%. >> when thehe senators this late in the game poll below 50% they generally don't do so well. a closerace. feingold isn a lot of trouble. >> shannon: busy day on tuesday and looking aeahead to november. great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: don't forgetyo if u are an iphone or droid user great way to stay on top of the election developments. fox's brand new america
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election h.q. app made for political junkies and those of you who like to dabble in politics. exclusive content in the power play political newsletter. great getting ready to head to fall elections. check it out. >> shannon: all right, moving on. the 1892 cruiser olympia is theldest steel worship buttr t's struggling due to twinnedaling private support and -- dwindling private support and grants. peter doocy has more on what is done to save the ship. >> national treasure, last u.s. navy ship outfitted with sails. the uss to olympia has been out of commission since the time in addion 1921 when it bought home the body of the world war i unknown soldier from france. she saw significant combat in the sp anish-american war and credited with defeating the spanish fleet at the battle ofanila bay in 1898.
12:36 pm
i boardeded the eaship. she is beautiful but there is severe structural damage to the vessel forced to shut do the for the winter for the first time since it opened as a museum in 1958. >> olympia needs roof to basement job. hull out and exterior deck, equivalent of the roof repaired. the envelope a sealed again to make this a floating sealed, stable envelope so it can be enjoyed for years toome. >> at this point the u.s. navy does not plan to step in and save the sh. so the independent seaport museum is trying to come f up with $2 million for repairs now and later and americans can go there and appreciate what was once a symbol ofav american naval dominance. >> the o olympia is our heritage of the united states
12:37 pm inolst existing steel worship in the world. we need to preserve historic icons like the olympia to pass down to our children for future generation. >> if they don't come up with the money, the ship's care-t aker said there is a small chance it couldinc ihen the delaware river but there is a greater chance they'll sell for scrap or sink it as a reef off the jersey coach. you can go to back to you. >> shannon: interesting. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> shannon: one of three u.s. hikers held in iran since july of 200 could soon be set free. we'll talk to a man working to make that release happen up next. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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>> shannon: hurricane igor is picking up strength as it churns west across the open atlantic and it is now a category two storm. igor could have maximum
12:42 pm
sustained winds of 100 miles per hour by tomorrow night. but so far, pose nothing immediate threat to land. ter a lot of back a forth, iran says it's ready to release one of the hikers held captive in iran for a year. ambassador akmad is awe for of "journey to america: challenge of iran" and asked for a letter to ask for compassion and release of all three hikers. the ambassador is joining usan now. thank you for being here today. >> thank you, shann. >> shannon: this has been so onfusing. we thought sarah shourd was going to be released and then told she wasn't. it look like she could be in the next couple days with a high bail. what do you make of the situation? >> first, we need to know that she is grievously ill. i'm in touch with the motherils. she is very ill. she has found a lump in her breast and she needs medical attention. her mother is not well and needs surgery and is waiting for her daughter to come back. a case of human tragedy and
12:43 pm
human concern which we should all be supporting. what i'm seeing is a reflection of the struggles within iran itself. the first announcement was to release her unconditionally, noan ifs, ands, or buts. a month of fasting and act of clemency of compason. that's the argument in my letter. the second announcement immediately after that was to put it on hold. another announcement saying she can go but on bail. you see the struggle between the forcing of compassion and those opposed to it. >> along with sarah, we know josh fattal and shane bauer are still held there and no word of their potential release and they're all accused of spying. can you tell us anything stem in judicia iran? we understand they may be proceeding toward some type of trial. what would it mean for the young people? >> if they have caught up in the judicial system, it could be a long time before the boys are released. we are praying that the boys follow very quickly sarah and
12:44 pm
come back home. because these are three very bright young students, former students, berkeley. they have been in that part of the world. all their history confirms the fact they were out there trying to create bridgd es between the united states and the muslim world. so, in fact, they were the last people that you would suspect of doing anything negative. yet they have been caught up in an international almost case, drawing so much ls attention. we need to also remember that behind all of this is of course the complicated relationship between the u.s. and iran. the last tng we need is for them to become pawns. we need them back. the families need them back. a case that should appeal to everyone's heart, who still has compassion in the heart. >> i want to ask you quickly, lwhen you make an appeal in this case, is it more important to get it to the religious leaders or the political leaders in iran? >> it's a great question, shannon. i talk a lot about it and i realize in reiran, the supreme apology is the supreme leader. that is the ultimate apology.
12:45 pm
i couch mine in islamic terms so onear islamic scholar appealing to another islamic scholar in the month of fasting when god commands us to be compassionate and charitable and, of course, i was sure that it was translated to persian and sent straight up. i have no doubt that would happen. any of the religious scholar in the case of these three young americans would have suspect thatd i that had an effect. of course, many other organizations and individuals have been trying vigorously to three back to america. >> shannon: ambassador, we hope that your appeal is successful and t others that joined in as well. that hopefully will be celebrating release of all three soon. >> with champagne for you and bottled water for me. >> shannon: we'll do it. thank you. group of chilean minors trapped -- miners trapped underground for a month have been given power line to l install electric light in their hecation 2300 miles below the earth surface. they're receiving food, supplies, water and internets
12:46 pm
through metal shaft in surface. they're working around the clock to free the epminers. three separate drilling efforts to carve tunnels are underway. following along summer gress i back in town next week. so what can lawmakers actually do to help america's sluggish economy? we talk to our business expert, fox business network peter barnes up next. activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free!
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we're following now on america's news headquarters. at least four people were dozens injured by a gas line explosion. one of thes confirm killed was an analyst reviewing the company responsible for that blast out in california. jacquelyn was part of a commission looking in pacific gasndlectric plans to upgrade the natural gas line. she and her 13-year-old daughter were both killedew some troubling news from president obama's new chief economic advisor. austan goolsbeeold "fox news sunday" america's high unemployme rate is likely to continue for some time. goolsbee insists, "the recession that began in 2007 put the u.s. economy deep in the hole and it is going to be a long struck to get out.te israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says court restriction o the west bank settlement will not remain in place. however, some limit o construction will stay. secretary ofhe state hillary
12:51 pm
clinton will travel to the middle east this week with former senator george mitchell to engage in another round of peace talks between israelis and aypalestinians. clinton says it may be the last chance for peace between the two sides. those are the top stories for right now. >> shannon: democrats and republicans may be fighting over the detail of tax cut for americans but one thing they both agree on is trying to help small businesses create two-third of all new jobs. small business bill is stuck in the senate but expected to be the first order of business when senators turn to washington this week. peter barnes and the fox business network will join us to discuss the bill and the prospects. first, peter, welcome. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: great to see you today. >> yep. >> shannon: what is i tnshe bill? >> let's look at it. $30 billion lending propol from president obama which supporters say will support $300 billion in new lenng for small businesses. it would raise the loan limits and cut fees forus popular small business loan programs.
12:52 pm
the president made a big push for this in theress conference on friday. take a listen. >> it will provide incentives to invest and create jobs for 4 million small business. it will more than double the amount some small business owners can borrow to grow their company. a bill that's paid for, a bill that won't a to the deficit. written by the democrats and republicans. >> source tel me republicans and democrats in the senate worked out their differences so this is likely to pass this week. >> shannon: if it does pass will it have an impact on small business?
12:53 pm
>> the $30 billion small c lending program will create $300,000 in new lending. if the small businesses don't want to borrow the money and they worry about the outlook of the economy, don't have e sales and don't know what the costs will be to fire a new employee for health insurance for energy, it could be just pushing on a string. if nobody wan loats the for uncertainty. i will tell you that the small business lending program, the changes are popular with the small businesses and pgram in place. it's easily processed and the fees are low. the last couple of times they've done, this it's sold out. lipporters say thisill provide another $5 billion in new loans for small businesses in year one. that could work. >> shannon: all right. peter barnes, thank you for breaking it down for us. following years of speculation, could england's most eligible bachelor be off the market? we tell you about potential plans f a royal wedding up next. u get nothing for driving safely. truth: at allste, you get a check in the mail
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12:57 pm
>> shannon: is prince william getting ready to pop the question? despite pattempts by the palae to swquash speculation rumors are swrling. >> it is widely expectd that prince p wilam will marry his long time sweet heart but when? magazines are already choosing her dress and royal commentateors speculating about
12:58 pm
the venue? >> i think it will be at windsor in the st. george's chapel because it is less t outsideve to have of london. >> a leading bookie has stopped taking bets on the year of the wedding. now, it is down to 2011. royal experts say if it doesn't happen in 2011 the most likely year would be 2013 because 2012 is full of high profile events here from the queen's diamond ig jubilee to the olympics. >> the big mover in in the north went from 33 to 1 for the second friend. kate has told friends in the past if she could choose anywhere on her honeymoon w perhaps a safari is what she wants to do. everything from vegas at 100 to one to isorida and disneyland at 250 to one. >> a royal wedding is, of course, about more than flowers and invites. >> n youeed a written document
12:59 pm
from the quincing she is content with the person he has chosen to marry. >> she can't go out into the world to work because the paparazzi hounds her. she does photography for her parents website which leads some to believe hers won't be an ordinary wedding. >> as kate's parents run an extremely successful party busy should think they will be definitely a theme. >> don't royal weddings already have a theme? 'ttill,h eac one has its trademark. >> i don't think that he would aon't to go for too great public event. wharriage being, of course, the focus of what marriage is all about has also changed particularly because of the difficulty that the princed ofagales h in his marriage. >> these are recessionary times and if the princ e pops the question soon the wedding will likely be less lavish than his
1:00 pm
parent's was . amy kellogg, fox news. federal and state investigators say the natural gas papeline lyatxplode insde a dead lie fireball had beenategorized as high risk. officials said today that omes have beense h off limits will t to return home today. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with the economy. president obama and house minority leader john boehner sparring over what is best for the u.s. economy. the new chair of the white house council of economic advisors appeared on fox news sunday to share h thoughts on where the economy is headed julie rtz with more on that. >>ohn boehner sounds like he is willing to talk about a tax cut deal with democrats. he said he could vote for a deal that would phase out the
1:01 pm
tax cutfor the wealthiest o extendss if it als tax cuts for the middle class. here is boehner. >> if the only option i have is to vote for those at 250 and below of course, i'm going to do that. f i'm going to fight to make sure we extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> he seemed to second what president obama has said that extending the tax cuts for middle class americans should be a starting point for debate in washington on tax cuts and the president's chief economic advisor austen says he welcomec the newtance and also emphasizing the white house view that very well off americans don't need a tax break but middle class americans do. >> cutting taxes for very highe income people an average of more than $100,000 a year fort people that made more than a million dollars a year is not an effective way to get the economy
1:02 pm
>> goolsbee took over as the new chair of the white house council on economics. the president believes strongly e bush tax cuts for the middle class should be permanent and said we can exct to see the high unemployment rate continue for some time with the the rate now at% 9.6 he wouldn't speculate on whether it might be at the end of the year. shannon? julie kirtz, thank you very much. >> shannon: investigators are now combing through the rubble rnia, e san bruno, califo neighborhood detroye destroyeda tul gas explosion. they are looking for remains and answers to the cause of the deadly fireball. displacedng some dispoliced residents were finally allow to go home. >> three and a half days after the awfulisaster in san bruno officials can't say for sure how many people were killed and how many are still missing.
1:03 pm
ernight more remains were found but it is not clear how many or even if t remains are rue man. take a listen. >> we have four bodies, three of them have been positively identified. we are working on the fourth. and as far as the remains that have been located we are in the process of doing forensic tests. >> at last reports, five people remain unaccounted for but all the numbers could change. later today, hundreds of residents will be allowed to return to their hessa that are safe o to occupy. they will be escorted back in shifts singn two hours. those who lost everything will need to wait longer to see what is left of the property. the city plans to meet with those victims tomorrow and offeer them special assistance including crisis counseling. meantime, questions continue to emerge about the integrity of the transmission pipe that exploded and what the local utility company pacific gas and electric might have known before the pipeline blew up. the section of pipe was ranked high risk because of its
1:04 pm
proximity to a densely populated air bra. area. it was put through a gas leak assessment back in march and a more thorough inspection back oin november. officials refusing to discuss whathe inspections revealed. arch teams nearly done combing through the disaster area but will continue to look for more victims today. ever mindful they are working in an active crime scene and need to work carefully to preserve potential evince for the investigation. back to you. >> shannon: claudia live on the scene, thank you. hurrice igor is picking up strength as it turns west acrosstlhe open atlantic. it has turned into a category two but rick reichmuth says it is not on track to hit the u.s. for days if at all. what is the latest, rick? >> if it does have impacts on the u.s., probably nine to t nn days from now. a lot of time to watch it. even at that, it as very limited chance of it happening.
1:05 pm
this is a look at igor. a strong storm, strengthening radly and a category 2, winds of 105 miles an hour. it potentially having impacts up towards bermuda, maybe five to seven days from now. if it tracked farther towards the west we could be seeing impacts to the u.s. that is highly doubtful at this point. i think it will curve off to sea and not have any major impacts for us at all. another tropiceaal depression, the 12th of the season came off the coast of africa there and it will likely be julia and also forecast to become a hurricane but will pull off wath rds e north. so no impacts from that. another system across the caribbean moving into the northern caribbean and that is going to at least be bringing a lot of rain. maybe tropical development in the next day or so. sgiving it about a 50% chance of that. there is hispaniola which includes haiti and if we get 3 to 6 inches of rain it will
1:06 pm
cause problems with mud sdlides and after the earthquake so many people living in bad situations there, that could certainly be a big story for us. lots goingn in the tropics. right at the peak of it and 0thready at almost the 1 >>amed storm and a long ways to go. >> a long ways to novber. rick we'll check back, thank you. most people agree the economy will be thish slew for voters -- the issue for voters. there is a back and forth een president obama and house minority leader john boehner about what to do abo it. >> this seems like common sense but not to mr. boehner and his allys. >> shows how out of touch the white house is. >> there were no new policies for mr. boehner. >> i think the president is missing the point here. here is the white house worrying about what i have got to say instead of working together to get our economy going again.
1:07 pm
>> mr. mr. boehner has so far said no to infrastructure. america.bad for thpresident: admits democratic candidates fall.d be vulnerable this should republicans take back the minority, my next guest says their first priority will be repealing the healthcare bill. senator, great to see you toany. senator, can you hear us okay? >> good to see you. i can hea you great. >> shannon: fantastic. leert's talk about your plan. everybody headed back to d.c. to get back to work. your priority is repealing healthcare. tell us logistically how you want to go about geting that done? >> what we are going to focus on actually next week is a bi piece of the healthcare bill and this is a very unusual situation. very deep in that healthcare bill, section 9,006 if you can imagine there is a provision that has nhing to do with
1:08 pm
healthcare and it as provision that hammers small and medium and large businesses and here is what it does. it says for every transaction over $600 per year you have got to generate a 1099 form and provide it to the vendor for that transaction and to the internal revenue service. it will cost billions of dollars f small and lae to comply with this. t my amendment to the small business bill next week is simple and straightforward. says why would you hammer small businesses, let's epeal this provision and it just focuses onhat piece of it. >> shannon: and do you think you have got the support there, the numbers to get that amendment attached at this point? >> i think our support is looking good. but here is the problem we are running into and th the times s morning said the white house is nervous about this one.
1:09 pm
the white house i think is probably going to try to get democrats to walk the plank again on this provision and vote against it. what that means is they would have to go home and say well, i voted that you will have to do more paperwork instead of creating jobs. why the white house would want to do that, i'm not sure. but i think when i get back there tomorrow and the next day we're going see they will be breaking arms to try to prevent this from passing and i can't believe president obama would want to do that. >> shannon: let me ask you, senator, too, about your reaction to his comndments abot the economy and plans and tax cuts and things that he says will be a help to small businesses. we hear so much focus on the bush tax cuts and whether or not they will expire. some of them, part of them, all of them. today, house minority leader john boehner saying he may be willing to vote for something that would allow the middle class tax cuts to be extended
1:10 pm
evenf he can't save those for the top brackets. do you have a position on h th? >> here is what i tell you. the problem in washington is not the revenue side of things, it is this president is spending too much. he is taxing too much. he is borrowing too much. and he is hammering business. you know, i have businesses out here in nebraska telling me we are no going torow oseur business because we don't want to get tangled up in the healthcare bill. senator bill nelson has an alternative to my 1099 provision amendme,s alternative that hammers businesses again in as much as it says ifou havever 26 employees now you have to comply. hohat kind of incentive is it to grow a business in those kinds of circumstances? what the president really needs to focus on is the job cree, createors and get away from
1:11 pm
this populous rhetictr tha comes from the administration. focus on where the jobs come from which is the business community. it is not a revenue situation that he should be trying to deal wh at the moment. he should be pulling back on spending and freeing our business, our job createors from the endle regulations that this administration comes up with. this 1099 provision is just a perfect example of that. why would you want to do this in such tough economic times? and yet the white house will be onday and tuesday oc breaking arms of every democt to try to defeat my amendmenthe and it is the wrong approach to this, it is the wrong p solicy. >> shannon: senator, thank you for your time today, sir. >> thank you. >> shannon: one day after halting the reless at last minute in now says it will free one of three jailed american hikers. sarah shourd has been held far
1:12 pm
more than a year n charges that she was a spy. s they will release here on $500,000 bail because of healthroblems. her lawyer met with her and says he hopes she will be freed in the next two or three days. >> she was naturally veryy. happy. and even the two male prisoners were glad about sarah's freedom but sarah had expected all three of them to be released. >> shourd and shane bouwer and josh say they mistakenly but tehran border butte ran says they were spying. >> i think the release idea was a prelude to ahmadinejad coming to new york the week of the sh20th. i think it was intended to show that he is a more reasonable person than some people think. and to give him a propaganda
1:13 pm
boost as he comes to addre the u.n. general assembly. >> shannon: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says current restrictions on west bank settlements willin nt remain in place, however, some limits on construction will stay in place. ecretary of state hillary clinton heads to the region to boost peace talks. set will meet with israeli and palestinian heads of state. the latest is a palestinian demand that israel curb new housin construction in the west bank. white house strategist david axel rod and say individual plouff headlining the annual ste fry in iowa today. steve is live in iowa with more on the event. hi, steve.ep >> reporter: a gorgeous day and bargain in a better bar gain politics. a $25q ticket. a quartet playing country and
1:14 pm
western. get a steak and a beer, maybe two and listen so some pretty prominent democrats. in this case two members of the key members of the white house sin terms of political stratey for the president. david axelrod and david plouff. point hadr obama at that still quite substantial national following as far as the media is concerned. then the following year senator obama announced that, yes, indeed, he was running for president and then approximately 20 months after that picked up the iowa caucuses and then waded his way through the primary season and the gener election. in 2006 and 2008 the state party grew in terms of the v registered democratic voters and grew to a point where they were at one point in 2008 better than 100,000 more mocrats than they were
1:15 pm
republicans in terms of self-registration. the state gop party says they cut that number in half, down to 55,000. that is still a substantial advantage when you consider the size of the state of iowa. still, there are polls out there that suggest the top of the ticke races here in iowa, both the u.s. senate race a the governo gubernatorial leany towards -- they say if we have the work we can transform what the polls say into victories coming up on election day. shannon? >> shannon: steve brown liv in iowa. one of the political hot spots. s so much. >> if you are an iphone or droid user there is a w to stay on top of all the latest. hqapp is tailor made for political junkes. it is in the power play political news letter. check it out. up next, a congressmdean wo
1:16 pm
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>> shannon: president obama has
1:20 pm
appointedls austan goolsbee toe the head of his economic team and chris wallace got the first interview with goolsbee. chris, you had austan goolsbee today. you talked abouthe outlook as it stands now andoving forward. he didn't sound positive about the unemployment rate in the immediate future. >> i began by asking him what is the unemployment rate going to be at the end of the year and what is gdp growth going to be. they are both going to be lousy th he wasld tell quickly unwilling and unable to give me hard numbers but as you say he w honest in saying it is not going to be good, thaer the economy, the recovery was stalled by the economic problems in europe, greece and all of the debtrisis there. and he said it is going to take a longer time which is one of the reasons that they have proposed even though they won't call it that, $180 billion in more stimulus. >> shannon: and you also talked
1:21 pm
about the vice president's use of the terminology summer of recovery. anhe wanted to parse words a little bit with you on that this morning. >> talking about the white house and particularly the vice president went out and said this is going to be the summer of recovery and, of course, we lost a net of 283,000 jobs in june, jewel an july and august. he said no, it wasn't referring to the economic recovery. it was referring to the recovery plan the fact that government programs would employ people. is the way most americans understood it when they tal oked about the summer of recovery. >> shannon: and talked about tax cuts as well. p something thresident discussed this week in a couple of speeches and talked about not extending the tax cuts for the top earners. you talked about that and put the mbers out there and it was clear you didn't see the issue the same way. >> i'm just asking questions. i'm not seeing issues. what i pointed out is that when
1:22 pm
they tk o about extendingr refusing to extend tax cuts and in fact increasing taxes for the peoplehe top earners that includes an estimated 50% of small business income, 900,000 small businesses that employ millions of people and that this would amount to a 13% tax hike from 35% to 39.5%. a 13% tax hike for those people. and is that going really get them to go out and spend mor l? he said look, the vast mhe hajy of the high earners are not small businessmen in any way that people understand it and targeted taxgo for cuts insteatad. that brought us back to the issue hey, look, it's hair money should you just give them the money back and let member decide how to spend it or say well, if you do this specific activity you get a tax break if you don't, you don't. >> shannon: and a very interesting interview with newt gingrich and looked at predictions for the fall.
1:23 pm
he thinks the numbers look good for the gop. >> i want to point one other thing out. with newt gingrich and john boehner you saw republicans in fect surrender and say we are not going to link the tax cuts for the wealthy to the tax cuts for the middle class. we will vote for any tax cut that is out there. we would like them to be extended for all income levels but not going to try to block the middle class tax cuts. i think they saw that democrats put them in something of a trap and they didn't want to be caught in that. in terms of projectionsf the house gingrich said between mid 40s and said possibly 80 seats. they only need 39 to take back control. according to him speaker boehner should beshi begin to e the drapes tore the speaker's office. >> catch the interviews at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. imagine picking up the
1:24 pm
phone and it is your congressman on the other end of the line? that is the case for thousands of constituents olinois congressma tnimothy johnson who says his goal is to try to call 100 people a day. what has he been hearing from the average americans out there? he joins us now to tell us more. great to have you today, sir. >> great to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: a lot of lawmakers get criticized for being too inside the beltway. what motivated you to come up with the goal of calling at least 100 constituents every single day? >> well, shannon as a member of th state legislature i t one ofned early on tha the big problems we have in government generally and that is certainly increasing is the case is the district between elected officials and the people they represent. so i thought at least at that point and now it may be in a little more specific way, that specific relationships between myself and them through the telephone would we a good mechanism to find out wt they think about govnment, what i can doo them better
1:25 pm
and in some cases what their individual concerns and needs are. >> shaon: i got to imagine some of them are very surprised. once that sinks in and they realize it really you on the othe line, what do you hear fr people about what they are concerned about these days? >> as you said are the first reaction is that they are not used to government reaching out to them. and once you get beyond that, inple have expressed an increasing measures, shannon, almost a more than an anger with respect to the lack of relationshipof between elected officials and the people they represent. they are concerned about the size of government. concerned about government spending. concerned about government control of their lives and they are manifesting that in a vocal presume and i would in a specific way in novemr. >> shannon: some of them have very day-to-day practical problems and you have to tell us the story about the one that involved congress roaches.
1:26 pm
>> i am years ago i lived in a university town and represented i stillurbana and do. i talked to a constituent who was a graduate student who was going to have a celebratory event and i asked what i could do to be of service to her and she said to eliminate the congress roaches from her basement apartment so she could have her event the next day. rather than saying no, it turned out that i knew the landlord personally and i called the landlord and within a matter of a few hours they had the congres cockroaches do. a special security claim that wasn't adjudicated. a problem with the d.a. particularly immigtion and naturalization areas where we had students coming to and from or a community a road that
1:27 pm
needs to be fixed to whatever it might be. over the years i found that among other things just simply, shannon, the concept that government is aually more a specific person in this case tim johnson i guess who cares about themnd is trying to reach out to them in a very indivial way i think is obably the greatest think we to and the greatest service we provide. >> shannon: thank now for your unique approach and we will see you in d.c. back to business on the houl. >> see you tuesday, thank you. >> shannon: optimism about the economy after an early september rally. the dow jones ended the week with a gain of 47 point onid friday. brenda buttner is the host of "bulls and bears" on fox and joins us to break it down. we have seen a good rally the past couple of weeks. investors feeling more optimistic. >> less fearful, not so much optimiic but any glimmer of ng a difference. for example we found out that wholesale inventories increased
1:28 pm
by the most amount in two years. now, why does that matter? wholesalers are the ones who onell to stores and so they are thinking that consumers are going to be buying more and so they are filling their shelves more for the retail store to buy those things.w, and, you know, that led investors to think well, you know, maybe this is a tepid recovery but i think optimistic is a little difficult to say. although the dow is up 4% so far this month and september is traditionally one of the worst months of the year for the dow. >> shannon: and we do as you mentioned traditionally see the volatility at the end of september. what is that all about? >> well, it is basically that traders are back to work, they ar not on vacation any more, summer is over, and they are ready to start working and so that means what we see, we have seen very limited trading in the last few weeks. i mean there have been gains
1:29 pm
but there hasn't been a lot of buying and selling. that really ramps up in the andt two weeks of the month because so many traders are back to work and you can see wild swings day to day and within -- even within a day. so, you know, it is hard to oonow what september will bring. so far it has been good but got to keep your fingers crossed on this one i think. >> shannon: we are glad to have folks like you, experts to clue us in. we will check back in with you next sunday. great to see you. >> thank you. a 9/12 rally is going on in the nation's capital right now. they are here with a message for washington and for candidates hg thopinto be elecd this november. we'll tell you more about that message, next. where other hammers can only dream of goin
1:30 pm
the craftsman hammerhead goes everyday. driving home nails quickly and easily in the tightest spaces. more innovation, more great values. craftsman. trust. in your hands.
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1:33 pm
ca >>fo shaon: they have been hd captive for more than a year. iran now says it will release
1:34 pm
one of the u.s. hikers accused of being a s julie kirtz is standing by with more on that and the other top stories. hi, julie. >> the iranian lawyer for sarah shourd says he has met with her and two other americans sindeta wed. it is hopeful she will be released in the next couple of days. the swiss embassy is making arrangements for the $500,000 bail payment being asked for sarah shourd. investigators say rt of a natural gas pipeline that exploded thursday near fra san francisco had previously been categorized as high riskou because it ran through a densely populated area. four people killed and 60 injured in the explosion. hurricane igor could have maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour by tomorrow night. forecasters say it doesn't pose an immediate threat to land. a los angeles photographer has reportedly filed a lawsuit against former seinfeld actor
1:35 pm
michael richards claiming he assaulted him last month. he alleges richards knocked him to the ground and is suing for unspecified damages for medical expenses and suffering. those are some of the top stories. n? z, >> shannon: julie kirt thank you ve much. on this day last year, grass roots activists floodednd washington, d.c. and they are back now with a message for november. >> the freedom works rally right here on theteps of the u.s. capitol. thousands of people gathered here to hear speakers and to send aessa to incumbents who support big spending and increased taxes that they don't like it and they will not vote for candate who believe in rghat. one of the main organizers, the chairman of freedom works is dick army, the former congressman from texas. he is joining me live now. what do you think of the turnout here so far? >> a good turnout when you realize we are having rallies
1:36 pm
from all over the country. these are folks that came from all over america at their own expense wi one common theme. time to quit spending money and get responsible control on congress. understand the constitutional limitations on the government and start living up to that. >> you don't believe in big spending. take onele example. program.ecurity is one are you opposed to thatou? >> that should be voluntary. let people be free to choose. put my lifet savings into whati choose or it into the government run program. let me decide. th problem that liberals have with that if people are free to choose to invest their own isoney or turn it over to the government to mishandle it like they have done that in fact people will choose free investment. >> no members are congress are invited to speak, but on tarp
1:37 pm
spending the white house says the situation would have been worse without the spending that the government pumped into the economy. we would have been in another depression. how do you respond to that? >> well, this is the worst gang of economic illiterates i have seen in my life. the fact of the matter is if we had just let the market clean up the mess in the banking industry in the aftermath of the mortgage bonds it would have been settled by now. >> would have taken care of itself. >> and much faster and much more completely. >> thank you for joining us. on the steps of the capitol ks rally. freedom wor back to you, shannon. >> shannon: steve centanni, thanks. one place tahat dcioesn't seemo be taking a financial hit this year is the campaign trail. ecandidates across the country are spending huge in some cases record amounts of money. joining us now the political panel, fox news contrutor kiersten powers and the president of political strategy phil musser. welcome to you both. >> hi, shannon.
1:38 pm
>> shannon: the economy is the top thing that voters are concerne about but there are a lot of folks pouring tons offf money in their efforts to win over the voters. think about meg whitman and scott and green, people spending a lot of their own money. are they changing the face of campaigns? trajectory be a tracking dean where every cycle it is more and more money.t even without that it would be increasing because you have the self-funded candidates that have a lot of money. people are more engaged in politics and each campaigtt is getting more sophisticated about how to raise money on the internet and they are able to raise more money than they did in the past. >> shannon: a pool out there, is it as kiersten suggests more corporate money or union money? >> a little bit of everything. the small val elector money fueled by the internet. look at the joe wilson moments.
1:39 pm
scott brown raising $12 million in ten days running for united states senate. technology is one thing. second is the supreme court opened up the rules for corporations. corporations now have invested in a significant way and that supreme court decision weakened the role of the national committee. unlimited money is flowing to 527s and c 4s and unions in ways that b is rord breaking. that is constitutionally protected speech and clearly constitutionally appropriate but it does mean that thelt political consulting profession of which i'm a proud member is doing its part for the economy. a lot of money is going to the campaigns and finally this year we have seen a bunch of independent self-funders come into the rac probably a half billion dollars is from fou o five candidates. unique issue for this election cycle. this is a trend that will probably likely connue. >> shannon: and kiersten
1:40 pm
quickly i want to ask you, do you feel like the voice of the average person is being drown out or just people that are self-mad billionaires and millionaires that have the money is the avege person getting lost in the shuffle? >> not yet. i could see that happening eventually. what we saw in the last couple of years and with the internet starting with howard dean and after that is really seeing individual people feeling like they had a voice and hanave a voice and i think it will be a question if corporations start pouring a lot of money in and carries overwhelm that. that could putt off balance. >> especially in the e presidential election. i think the five dollar donor will be more important than. you will need the $5 donors to get the message out. >> shannon: we will have our panel stick around, more to come. president obama has appointed austan goolsbee the head of his economic team. he spoke to chris wallace about what the economy needs to do to
1:41 pm
get right back on track. we will discuss that right after the break. >> we need targeted jobs policies that help stand up the private sector and get the growth rate higher and get people back to work. that's what we need. i got into one of the best schools in t country!in [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regute your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! on got the gecko t-shirt... sion is "4 million drivers switched!"
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>> shannon: it seems like just epeaking ofwe wer and nowne earl hurricane igor is speeding up. igor has sustained winds of do miles an hour and strengthen up to higher speeds tomorrow night. at this point it doesn't pose any threats to land. we'll keep an eye on it. president obama has appointed appointed austan goolsbee. following t the departure of kristina roehmer. we are back with kiersten powers and phil musser. stt with you, phil.
1:46 pm
when asked about thent unemployment rate he didn't act like it would be going down any time soon. >> probably a good idea to manage expectations. one of the big mistakes the admistration has made is they let expectations get out of check. it is a relates to the projections that is not good news for america. he was hired probably because he was good on television andt they didn't want a high profile confirmation fight in late september early october. that is probably the appropriate way to start framing the discussion looking forward cause i don't think we are getting any better here any time soon. >> how much pressure does he have on him now because nobody is happy with the economy, republicans or democrats. what can he do at this point? >> he has been with obama since the campaign. the idea that he hasn't been part of all the decisions that bee made, he has. i don't really expect that there is some radical policy shift because he is there. he is going to continue what ey have been doing and probably may a little less
1:47 pm
pressure than there was for kristina roemer because if there is going to be a recovery which i do leave there will be, it could at least come under his tenure whereas when they came into the white house it was in such disarray we knew it would be years and years out before there would be any turnaround. e>> shannon: is it all uphill ou any missteps he could make that could put him in the wrong direction? there are plenty of missteps you could make any time you have i are in frof the cameras you have the potential to make news when you are in that position. there was good ideas president obama came out with thiseek and bad ideas in there. this is one of the chief the obamafor th the administration. he has a tough challenge. i wish him in the spirit of bipartisan all the best off the
1:48 pm
mark. hopefully he can encoura some common sense thinking in the white house. >> shannon: the 9/12 rally will start in a few minutes here in washington, d.c. we will talk with one of the headliners. stay with us. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪is this the age oowf knowing how to get things done. ♪ so whyould you let something n yo like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. ♪ ith every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include heache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasng more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away
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>> shannon: an iranian lawyer
1:52 pm
for sarah shourd says he has met with her and two other americans being detained and it is hopeful she will leave twprison in iran in the ntoexto to three days. the lawyer told the associated press the swiss embassy in tehran is making arrangements for the $500,000 bai payment being asked for inxchange for her release. two weeks guy when glenn beck held the restoring honor rally here in washington, d.c. he made it clear that wasn't supposed to be about politics but the group behind the 9/12 project here in d.c. say it is very political. the member in november rally features keynote speakers and one of the speakers, virginia attorneyeneral ken cuchenelli joins us to talk about the event. you are popping in with us before you head over there to speak. what is the message today? >> i'm going to be talki about healthcare which really our lawsuit is really more about liberty and we are trying to preserve the constitution in
1:53 pm
that lawsuit against the federal government which is what the founding fathers had in mind and that is what we are will be talking about today. an incredible example of the ederal government overstepping s authority and exercising dramaticer powers they have ner done before in the history of this coury. will try to knock them back and put them back in the boundaries of the constitution. >> shannon: the overall context is those who object to too much federal government and too much federal government waste. you are doing so in the context of healthcare. filed one of the first inlegiations against health care. where does the case stand? >> we survived the federal government motion to dismiss. they made four arguments and we beat all four arguments and we needed to do that to survive. we are now briefing with the federal government summary judgment and for the nonlawyers among your listeners that is a we w or you win. this is an all orothing for us and the feds. this will not go to a trial.
1:54 pm
it is not a normal case because it will be decided on purely legal argument and that is summary judgment. that will be heard october 18th. and if the judge keeps a similar schedule as he did in the motion to dismiss we wil probably hear before thanksgiving. >> shannon: and the crux of the case is the individual mandate that people have to buy insurance whether they want it or not. >> that's right. it is unprecedented in acarn history for the federal government to order us to buy a product under the guise ofre regulating commerce and these are people who are being ordered to buy health insurance who just want to do nothing. it isn't that they are buying health insurance and the federal government is making requirements of what is out there. they are ordering people who don't want to buy t a product o buy a product. if they can order us to do this, they can order us to buy anything. >> shannon: thanks for popping in here before you head to the rally. good to see you. >> thanks for having me.he >> shannon: a moment from the mtv music awards no one can forget. kanye and taylor.
1:55 pm
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1:58 pm
>> shannon: country starl stay elector swift may be getting the last laugh. you remember this moment from the mtv vma awards last me.y >> taylor i'm really happen by
1:59 pm
for you but bonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> awkward. that is kanye west infamously interrupting swift. she made her acceptance speech for the best video of the year. toght shes reportedly going to sing a song about kanye and in an odd twist, swift and beyonce are both up in the same cathy year. those of us that work on the show arebout to head for lunch. jojoey jaws chestnut is now the king of the burritos. he gulped down 47 burritos. each was filled with beef, beans and chilies. it added up to 11-pounds of food. he walks away with $1,500

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